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There is nothing wrong with precise control. It is absolutely not a waste of power. This is something I can’t do. In addition, there is still a random movement to find a fighting dead corner, how is this done? “Any defensive posture has flaws, and the flaws plasma-pen-k29 are dead ends.” In order to make up for their own flaws, people must constantly move to make up for their own defensive flaws. “Blind uncle: “This is the number of Da Yan, there are fifty, one is removed, that is, forty-nine, there are many changes, our flaw is that one, only keep plasma-lift-needle moving, make up this one, so-called It is the dismantling of the East Wall to complement the Western Wall. Of course, this is a philosophical theory. I will not elaborate. “How do you train to find the flaws of people?” Su Zhe asked, he felt that he had seized the most critical problem mesogun in a martial art. “This is actually very simple, that is, learning more about the flaws of various movements, and then carrying out various agility training. Play against people and practice your own vision and sensitivity between the moments. Of course, the most important thing is to precisely control your own strength. How much force you want to make is no-needle-mesogun how much force you send. The strength is not as big as possible. The same punch is one hundred pounds and five hundred pounds. When you hit the key parts, you are dead. What is the difference. For the human body, bullets are good, missiles are good, atoms. The bomb is good, the flying knife is good, and the lethality is actually the same. “Blind: “The needless-mesogun change of martial arts, the priority of yin and yang in philosophy, all have only two words, that is, control. I teach you a training method. “How to train?” Su Li hurriedly asked. “You come with me.” “The blind uncle took the suicide out of the massage hall and walked to the secluded land on the hill behind the school. Here, there are two bricks stacked on top of each other, and a large glass is placed on it. The glass seems to have been smeared on it. Chicken blood, a lot of mosquitoes are flying on it. Now it is summer, there are many mosquitoes in the woods, especially the stinking things are very good for flies. Next to it, there is a big hammer for demolition. This big hammer looks like two Thirty pounds is used to smash the concrete walls. The blind uncle seems to have eyes, grabbed the big hammer in one hand, slammed it up, and then slammed it down. A fly that sucks blood on the glass is The big hammer is dying. But the glass does not move. This technique of controlling power is up to a subtle level. “Would you like to try?” “The blind uncle gave the big hammer to the suicide. “Bad uncle, is your ear so good?” “Su robbery found that blind uncle, although there is no eyes, can be even more acute than ordinary people, which makes him a bit strange. “Blind people have a set of methods for blind people to see the world. “Blind: “This can practice your control. If you use this sledgehammer to kill the flies on the glass, but not damage the glass itself, this is the second time, then your control of power will be in full swing.