Niagara Foundation-Michigan Peace and Dialogue Awards 2013


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Download PDF Video THEME CU.S.-Turkey Civil Nuclear Cooperation in the Post-Cold War Worldontent goes hereContent goes here SUMMARY This is Event Summary EVENT AGENDA Opening Dinner Closing FEATURED SPEAKERS Abdulmajid Katranji, the Islamic Society of Greater Rabbi David J.B. Krishef, Congregation Ahavas Israil Rev. Chandler Stokes, Westminster Presbyterian Church EVENT DETAILS Date: January 31, 2012 6:30 -9:00 pm Venue: Grand Valley State UniversityAlumni House & Visitor Center 1 Campus Dr. Allendale MI 49401 PICTURES String could not be parsed as...

Cashing in on the Global Crisis: Turkey’s Path Part 2

Immigration Reform and Immigrant Integration: The Prospects for 2013

Featured Speaker: Lawrence Benito, Chief Executive Officer Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Theme: Immigration Reform & Immigrant Integration, The Prospects for 2013 Date: 11:30am — February 20th, 2013 — Wednesday In the 2012 Presidential election, Latinos, Asians, and other immigrants played a decisive role not only in the outcome of who would be President, but also in Congressional and State races. Fueled by the strength of immigrant turnout and the impact on elections, there is renewed bi-partisan interest in addressing our immigration policies, and taking a deeper look at commonsense approaches that uphold our nation’s values and moves us forward together. This presentation and discussion will provide a current state of play of the immigration proposals in Washington, DC, as well as insight to the current organizing campaigns of advocates locally and...

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